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What Fertilizer Should I Use?

**Question: **What type of fertilizer should I use on my plants? **Answer:** Generally speaking, most plants can be fertilized with a common 10-10-10 fertilizer. If you are growing organically, we recommend [Neptune's Harvest Fish & Seaweed][1]. For reference, the three numbers you see on fertilizers represent the a…

How Tall Are GrowJoy Plants When Shipped?

**Question:** How tall are GrowJoy plants when they ship? **Answer:** Our plants all arrive in different sizes, depending on the pot size and variety of plant you purchased. On average though, they ship out around 6-8-inches tall and are trimmed and cleaned before being packed up. Plants that have a trailing habit wi…

Vegetable Plant is not Flowering or Producing?

**Question: **What should I do if my vegetable plant is not flowering or producing fruits? **Answer: **There could be multiple reasons your vegetable plant is not flowering. It is always important to make sure your plant is receiving the appropriate amount of sunlight required to grow, along with being watered and fe…

What Zones Are Mums Hardy In?

**Question: **What zones do Chrysanthemum plants survive in? **Answer: **GrowJoy offers four subcategories of Chrysanthemum plants: Belgian Mums, Yoder Garden Mums, Igloo Perennial Mums, and Perennial Mums. Each has their own hardiness level, which are listed below. * [Belgian Mums][1] are the classic, mounded gar…

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